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"A Father.. worried but loving"


Maria Reylan Garcia

I spoke to God one day.

In a very down to earth and casual way.

I was in silence and tranquility,

My heart is full of sincerity,

I told him then,

To help me find a friend,

Who will be with me.

As long as time would be.

A friend always there.

Kind and gives care.

A friend, humble and loving.

Gives me start, just like the dew of morning.

He replied that finding is no use.

So he wonít give me a booze.

He said just to follow your heart

Itíll lead the way,

That is all he have to say,

When he disappeared into the light.

It was a cold and starry night.

So I walked to my home.

I thought I find myself, there, alone

But I was wrong.

There was someone who answered my bell dong,

My father was there, standing.

He was worried looking.

He then said.

"Where have you been? I thought you were in bed,

I was worried sick for you.

Frightened, scared and nervous too.

For once I thought my Dad was mad,

Then I saw he was not in a mood that bad,

He then hugged and kissed me on the check and said,

"I love you, my child,

Youíre safe now and okay, Donít worry fatherís here"

Tíwas then that I realized.

What God had said as he looked into my eyes.

That I donít need to look for a friend.

Whoíll be with me Ďtill the end.

Itís because that friend was already here.

Hugging me close, hugging me near.

I donít need to waste my time looking.

After all I have a Dad, worried but loving.

Thatís all I need, I guess.

A father.. worried but loving..

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