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Glimmer of Time


Maria Paradiso

Move away from the window, so I can feel the breeze.

Allow me to smell the scent of roses, growing down by the trees.

Let me feel the warmth of the embers of a dying sun,

Is it still summer, or have the long rains begun?

Find me an apple which smells as if itís just been plucked from the tree.

Cut open a watermelon, taste the sweet flesh and savour it with me.

As you grate a lemon, spill its juice into a glass for me later,

Share the goodness of all we have been given by our Creator.

Though death is seeping within my bones, cancer creeping daily,

I have this dream, this hope, this wish that you could share, maybe.

I want you to be so happy in your life, so thankful we met that summer's day

I need you to keep happy when my life is over, please don't have bitter hold sway...

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