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Don't Cry Jelena


Maria Deyana

To my daughter Jelena

The night of distanced world is slowly coming down
Moon shines, wakes in darkness
I can see an angel that lands
On the child's eyes, blue corn-flower

In distance it echoes and silently rings
The fluttering angel's wing
Someone's eyes are crying.
White lily of the valley is in tears
Don't cry Jelena,
Your childish face is sad

Life is all about hope and your dreams…
Like snowflakes white and soft
Spread your arms so they fall in your hands
All the stars of far-away world

Step bravely in this darkness, without fear
When underneath the night sky
Covers pollen of stars
Your tearstained, childish eyes

And dream. Dream how with your hair
You entangle shining violets
Moon's silk how it shines
On decorated aureoles of heaven
Like your soul, childish, innocent and pure

And then…sing a song
To the turtledove's tune
It takes so little to achieve happiness
So spread your arms
Dance on your piece of sky

And the clouds above this world
Will be your soft pillow
Peaceful rest like child's eye
When you soar far, far away…

Don't cry Jelena!

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