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Abrahams Descendant


Maria Deyana

I never wore another's clothes
Nor been heated by another's flame
Nor to blame it, but dry leaves
Weren't the reason my sheet was plain

I never spit behind foreign altar
On Adam's tribe
Emerge out of shame I didn't,
From unfaithful Thom's seed

I don't sell religion instead of dinner
There's no germinated seed in me
Poisoned apples that devils pick
I'm not sister and mark of Jude's face

Dirt on your shoe I am not, a worm in the mud
I have built myself from a stone,
Touched by moonlight's rope of my father's blister
My home isn't a nest of horses' mane

I never wandered through cursed roads
From strong darkness in a dust I was never born
White-tail wolf didn't bring me to life, my mother did
From rocks and the sun and flower's bud

In a shell of sky's rainbow I appeared
There's me in a character from letter, emerged from roots
I'm not a bared wood without product
I'm a descendant of Abraham's knee

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