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Manpreet Kang


A Grandmother's Love

I came into this world,
A new addition to the family.
You considered me your pearl,
And raised me with glee.
You taught me right and kept me straight,
"Always look up" you said,
"and accept your fate."
You held my hand,
Then I began to walk,
You were my first utterance,
When I began to talk.
I slept the nights so peacefully,
Knowing you were there with me.
The days rolled by and I began to run,
You would sit and watch me under the sun.
When time came for third grade,
I moved back with my parents.
To Virginia and have stayed here since.
Without you everything seemed wrong,
Days passed and nights dragged on.
I could not bear the separation,
And ran a high fever.
The doctors could not figure out,
Why I had it either.
But in our hearts, you and I both knew,
It was because I could not live without you.
Although there were times when push came to shove,
You always reminded me,
To keep faith in the One above.
Life went on,
And you became weaker as I grew.
Until the day came when I would not see you...
I can still feel you with me now,
And want to put my hand in thine.
Why did you have to leave so soon?
I was only nine...
The raindrops outside are my tears,
That have accumulated over the years.
The cool breeze is your memory,
Which is all that I have left with me.
Cherished are your words,
Cherished are your thoughts.
Your name is forever engraved into my heart.
You are up there somewhere,
I know you are.
Looking down upon me,
You have not gone far.
We had been together since my birth,
You were my heaven here on Earth.
Your last wish is now my goal,
No matter how hard it may be.
I will continue to put night and day together,
Working hard to become an MD or DC.
So now when I am tempted to give up and shout,
I keep pushing myself because you told me,
"success is failure inside out."

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