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Oh to be loved


Mandy Jayne Moon

When I was a little girl, I can’t remember much,
Apart from loving mother, whose heart I couldn’t touch.
I was always crying out for love, I guess she could see,
as the child that was so naughty, it wasn’t really me.

Growing up was quite tough, with so much pain inside,
I knew deep down I wasn’t bad, but that I had to hide.
The years went by and all I did was seem to run amok,
With worn out shoes, clothes to small, and holes within my socks.

My mum would make me knock on doors, with odds and sods to sell,
Everyone would laugh at me, so I slipped in my shell.
When I left home I was quite young, it really shouldn’t have been,
As all I wanted was unconditional love, for someone to give me.

It wasn’t until my later years, that I met my one true love,
He is my earth angel, probably sent from up above.
All those years of struggling, I guess were not in vain,
As my husband is my perfect mate, who cleared me of my pain.

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