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You Hurt Me


Mandi Gommel

The sunshine is warm, the breeze is sweet. 
When you talk your eyes aren't on me.
I can tell you're trying to hide
Something that you're keeping inside. 

I try to deny the distance I feel; 
For all I know maybe it's just a fear.
But then the truth you hide comes out,
Something you thought I should know about.

Your tears spill out like a stream
Like my love spilling out from inside me.
How could you hurt me, who you love the most
When I wanted the best for us both?

You said you'd stay with me forever.
You said you love me, don't you remember?
Was it true love or just a lie?
I can't speak; all I can do now is cry.

You know how much I trusted you.
You know I'd do anything for you.
But you hurt me and now I'm in pain, 
And I'll never see your sweet face again.

When anyone hurt me I ran to you,
But now there's no one for me to run to.
I know you see the pain in my eyes;
I know you know how I feel inside.

Why did you do it? Why did you go?
I suppose it's better if I never know.
I don't know where to go or what to do
Now that my life doesn't revolve around you.

Where is the love you said you still feel?
I want you to show me so I know it's real.
I don't know if I can take losing you.
Deep in my heart I will never forget you.

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