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The Burning Candle


Maggie Murphy

My grandmother came from a very Catholic family from the Bronx. My grandfather alike came from a very strict Catholic family from Queens. And together in each other they both found love at 13 years of age. By the time my grandfather was 17 he joined the navy, eventually fighting in World War II and becoming a veteran. They soon married and lived happily for over 60 years in Woodside, New York.

But sadness struck the family and in 1994 my grandfather passed away. This devastated my grandmother. She couldn't find the strength to go on anymore. The love of her life was no longer here any more to give her comfort and support. My father (their son) convinced her to come down to San Diego, California to be around us for support that she so desperately was craving.

I thought it was great having her around. She showed me old photographs, told me stories, and showed me all the love letters my grandfather wrote to her while he was off on his many adventures in the navy. Their love was like no other. It seemed as if it was too good to be. But back in those days, that was how men treated their ladies. I was amazed at what a great life my grandmother had with my grandpa.

I started to become very close to my grandmother. This was now no longer a long distance relationship between grandmother and grandchild. This was real life face to face. We spent many days eating out, going shopping, or just hanging out. She was the one member of the family that was my love and support. Something I lacked between my parents. She was also a loving great grandmother to my 2 sons.

But in 2002, she became deathly ill. She was in and out of the hospital constantly. She used to be so bubbly and full of life. She used to always have her hair done, dressed to kill, and always painted her nails and kept them long. But now she looked as if she couldn't do that any more. She had lost a lot of weight too. I knew then and there that I was losing one of the best persons in my life, my grandmother.

She passed away on Memorial Day that year, in 2002. I lost a dear family member who I held near to my heart, I lost that caring shoulder I could always depend on. And in her memory I will always burn a candle and keep her pictures fresh in my heart.

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