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Through the Eyes of an Angel


Maggi Johnson

It is said that we all start out as angels of the light.
But every once in a while, one finds herself straying from that light.
She becomes engulfed in the pains of her heart and of her loneliness.
Revenge and slaughter being her only answers.
She then sees the light fading from her as she falls further into the darkness of her sorrow.
At this point it is found hard to fly back into the light.
For if she ever does find it, the light will burn her soul with a truth, that to her no longer exists.
So within the darkness the girl remains.
The young and tortured girl begins to think of a way out, which to her is the only way out.
She takes the path of revenge, and kills all who dare oppose her.
Her wings... forever stained with the color, and scent of blood.

They say that the ones with wings have one duty, one purpose in life.
To protect us. Never to let dark prevail.
Never, ever let the demons of this world win over our lives.
But sometimes, the heart of a human is no different than that of a true demon's.
The angels are here, they exist solely to protect us... that's what they say.
But in all truth, who is to say that one's feelings cannot interfere?
The angel wins in the long run, and gets as she desires.
The angel always wins.
Whether she fights for light or dark is up to her.

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