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Inside of Me


Maggi Johnson

Don't lay your hands of hurt upon me,
Don't throw your blades of words.
There's something of me you can't see,
And you're cutting me like swords.
I'm on the edge and you're pushing me,
Straight through destruction's door.
I'll shatter glass, leave cuts to see,
And leave blood trails on the floor.
Leave me be and disappear,
This is all I ask.
Never do I leak a tear,
Behind this silken mask.
But deep inside there lies a stream,
A waterfall around its bend.
This is where I cry and scream,
And hope my life to end.

This is a place where no one is,
And there is only me.
Still inside bares no oasis,
For alone I'll never be.
Behind a curtain my pain here is hidden,
But always yet it opens.
From this agony I cant be ridden,
And the plot still ever deepens.
This curtain opens to an audience,
Thus begins the show.
Despite my struggle and defiance,
I'm overcome, only to die slow.
So there I sit uncaring to move,
Watching the blood around me flow.
Near death they then give me a shove,
And it's back to this wretched life I go.

It's truly killing me now,
From my insides and out.
Just do me the favor of cutting me down,
And remove from me all doubt.
It's only getting worse,
Please just erase it all.
Free me from this blasted curse,
And to the call of Death, my body fall.

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