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Angel Fallen


Maggi Johnson

Forget about some long lost love,
I’d rather lay my heart to waste.
Forgetting idle thoughts of killing,
Straight to my scythe you’ll taste.
Caught in a pit of darkness entangled,
Leave me to be untouched unloved.
In the grasp of hell, an angel lost,
Unthinking as the others could.
I dwell on pain, on loneliness,
But upon you, I waste not my breath.
Swallowing you, what’s mine now yours too,
Forced unto you, the gift of death.
On wings of dark torture, now I glide,
Far away fallen has that sacred light.
Away my innocence has been raped,
Lost in the abyss, taken from sight.

The mourning angel, long forsaken,
Taking her turn at judgment day.
Eyes rest upon her, searching her through,
The time now comes to send her away.
A sentence of death and of decay,
Wither away, become darkness itself.
An angel has fallen to a soul of sweet dark,
Dark angel once lost, found now in hell.

Arc Angel, Dark Angel, Forsaken, and Evil,
Take me to your underworld, hear me scarred and cryin'.
I give my soul to be no more, and meet dear Lucifer,
So that I may be his dear sad Angel Fallen.

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