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A Brush With Night Eternal


Maggi Johnson

The sun of dusk withering away,
Enter night. Escape the day.
We open our eyes, to eternal pain,
Living with this bloodlust untamed.
No life flows within these veins,
But still it pulses in your vitae.

And so I stalk you through shrouds of mist,
So that I may embrace you with my kiss.
Could there be such ecstasy as this?
Or would you flee and take the miss?
I unfold your fear, and you I dismiss,
For you are not worthy and deserving of this.

You’re in for it now; your fear is seducing,
And all the same, so very amusing.
Adrenaline pulsing, and lust ever fusing,
I bind you instead for my own using.
Your state of mind now ever bemusing,
You’re my blood slave now as is to my choosing.

Unknown to you, I saved you from damnation,
Be grateful that I have granted salvation.
But speak nothing to others, or meet condemnation,
Remain faithful and receive your redemption.

Though Christ shan’t save you, I shall give it to thee,
I grant your choice of death, or eternity.
I shall return to the shadows, forever unseen,
Or grant you a future to wander with me.

Choose your poison, hell on earth, or under,
Your path in un-life is yours to wander.

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