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Experience of a lifetime


Mabel Leong

"For a person who loves; he shall be loved"

Love is a funny thing
You値l never know when it値l happen
Or how it happened
But one thing痴 for sure
It has happened
To me.

I never knew you would find me
Little did I know you would love me
So much more than I know
I want you to know
That I love you
Very much so.

Whether we値l turn out or not
Always remember that I致e loved you
And always will.

There is no occasion for me writing this
But a celebration for me
To know that now
We池e very much in love.

Life is a journey
Love is an experience of a lifetime
Learn and live
Love and give.
There are some things in life that you値l never regret it happened.

Whether if it turns out to be good or bad
Happy or sad
Always be glad
That it happened
Not to anyone else
But you.

There is a reason for something to happen
To me, you are the reason
That I知 very much in love with you now
Thank you for being the reason
The reason, I love you.

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