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I Was Sore All Over


Kylie Johnston


"YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUíVE DONE" she says as she shoves me in.

After she locks the door I see no light there is only darkness and I feel like Iíve seen this place so many times before. My body is sore all over, I feel watery stuff running down my thighs, and a strong stench comes from it. I pissed my pants because I am so scared. Mum just gave me the bash, it hurts so much.

I hate my mum I wish she died instead of dad, whyíd you have to die? I hate you too dad just leave me here with mum Its all my fault if I didnít want you to come with me youíd still be alive then I wouldnít be sitting here in the dark in pain and hungerness. Sometimes I feel like killing myself just to be with you dad, my life is nothing, but I am too scared. It feels like hours have passed and I drift off to sleep but I am woken by a sudden noise.

I hear people walking past the closet but no one opens the door I yell but nothings coming out. I feel a tear run down my face, I want to get out but I canít. I want my dad so much right now, I miss how he use to hug me when I cried, and the way he use to brush my hair, the way he smelt and the way he tucked me into bed. I have none of that now all I have are bruises from mum after she gives me the bash. My body is still sore; I canít feel my legs, I donít know if theyíre there.

I wake up and I try to open the door, I find that itís unlocked. I go to stand up but fall over; Iíve got cramp in my legs from sitting down so long. I can hear someone walking behind me I turn around and see itís my mum I hear her yell "who the hell told you, you can get out?" I start to run, I donít know where Iím going, I turn around to find sheís not even chasing me, itís like she doesnít even care, like she wants me to run away. I feel so unwanted, i run in front of a car and all i see is darkness

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