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Mikey's Gone Away


Kyle Blount

(a dramatic monologue)

(Mike is about 17. He should speak in a very nonchalant, monotonous tone unless he is speaking of his brother.)

(Mike walks on stage.) Hello. My name is Michael. I was seventeen of your years in your world. Going by your time, I've been seventeen for two years now. Do I miss your world? Most definitely not. When I removed myself from your world, there was nothing of interest to anyone; no sympathy, no love, no emotions, no feeling, nothing. Everywhere I turned, it was always the same; teenagers committing murders out of hate, wars for absolutely no reason, people fighting for false beliefs. In five words, the world went to hell. So I removed myself from it. It wasn't difficult. I simply wrote a note mentioning the few "good" things in that life and snuck out to the shed. I swiped a rope and ran back to my room. And then, I did it, I hung myself from the light fixture. Big deal.

(Starts to lose nonchalant-ness) You know, I didn't think I'd be missed so terribly. At my funeral, so many people were crying and holding each other. And watching my old world go by, I noticed that I had overlooked one person, my kid brother, Mitchell. He would be almost thirteen going by your time. (Becomes very sentimental) I can remember all the times we had together; teaching him how to ride a bike, watching him tie his shoes for the first time, being there to hold his hand when he got scared at the fun house, and hearing about his first crush. I should have known he looked up to me so much. But he just won't admit that I'm dead. Whenever anyone says anything about me, he always responds, "Mikey's gone away, but he'll be back soon." I hate seeing him suffer day after day without his big brother. Every day, he gets cold and meaner yet worldlier. He's become experienced in events that most adults don't make it through. (Sigh) I guess I should have been a better older brother.

(Pause; then return to nonchalant deposition) Aside from that, I'm glad I left your world. Can't you see how doomed it is; how doomed you've all made it become? Humanity has screwed it over forever. (Sigh again; become gentle) I just wish I could eliminate the look in Mitchell's eyes whenever he says, "Mikey's gone away." It reminds me of a look I saw in someone else's eyes, my eyes. It is the exact look I had two years ago when (trail somewhere in this sentence; DO NOT FINISH) I took the rope from the shed. (Pause for realization) (Sad and disappointed) I guess I'll be seeing Mitchell soon.

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