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A Happy Cry


Krystal Jackson

I sit here late at night 
Thinking, wondering why 
Why I have all this pain 
Wondering why I want to die 

I donít know where it comes from 
Itís just always been there 
I think itís from my childhood 
Which brings pain I can not bear 

Or maybe itís from now 
All these growing things 
Wondering if Iíll ever have children 
Ya know, the stuff life brings 

Maybe itís all this worrying 
About the future and past 
Thinking what I should have done 
Wondering if Iíll last 

Maybe itís when my mom left 
My dad when I was five 
I had no clue where she was 
If she was dead or alive 

I think thatís where it comes from 
All this pain I have and had 
Having to live all those years 
Only with my dad 

I hope time heals all my pain 
Cause if it doesnít Iíll die 
I hope, for once Iíll be truly happy 
And for once, cry a happy cry

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