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Kimberly Hunt

No matter what I do 
to keep my mind off of you, 
I end up thinking... 
Wondering what you're doing. 
I am fixated on you. 
Taken by you. 
I can not get you out of my head 
for more than a minute at a time. 
My thoughts always return to you... 
I am curious -- 
Do you think about me too? 
Do you wonder where I am? 
Do you think about who I am with? 
Do I haunt your dreams in 
the same fashion that you torment me in mine? 
No matter what I do 
to get you off my mind, 
I end up thinking... 
Wondering if I am there 
in your dreams by your side. 
You are lying by mine, 
although you don't even know it. 
You are constantly on my mind, 
you are a permanent fixture on my heart, 
and the perpetual center of my dreams. 
I want to stop the thinking, 
the feeling and the dreaming. 
I want you to get out of my life. 
I left yours a long time ago, and 
yet you still kept me with you. 
I want to take back control. 
I want to own my own life. 
But no matter what I do, 
I can't get you out of my head, 
off of my mind, 
and out of my dreams. 
Please let me go. 
Release me, and let me move on. 
No matter what I may have told you before, 
I don't want to love you anymore. 
Let me go, and let me live. 
Let me sleep and let me give. 
I want to give myself to another. 
But I can not -- 
Until you let me have myself back.

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