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To Make You Want Me


Kimberly Hunt

With fresh flowers in my hair,
I walked toward you,
and ignored
your incessant stare.
I avoided your eyes,
trying to make you beg
for my attention.
I wanted
to make you want me,
so I walked by with an arrogant air.
I saw your face
from the corner of my eye,
and you were beaming...
until you noticed
I was merely passing by.
You slowly lost the sparkle
in your gloriously blue eyes.
Your smile was gone,
replaced by a look of despair.
I continued
ahead with my stroll
as though
without a care.
Stricken with fear,
I decided to look back,
and your once-glistening eyes
were shining
through freshly-fallen tears.
I turned back and ran to you,
but my efforts fell
upon deaf ears.
You turned and left me there.
I'd waited too long,
so there I stood,
and I am here,
scared, alone.
With dead flowers in my hair.
I only wanted
to make you want me.

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