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The Time


Kimberly Hunt

I kissed my love goodbye
for what was only
going to be a few days.
If I had known then
that it would possibly
be our last kiss,
I would have made it
mean so much more;
I would have somehow
memorized the feel
of his lips on mine,
and I would have
frozen time
and made it last forever.
I hugged him tight
before his big departure,
and if I had only known
that it may be the last
time I'd have
his arms around me,
I would have taken
a moment to take in
his wonderful smell,
so as never to forget.
Taken an extra minute
to appreciate the
strength and love in
his gentle embrace,
and I would have
stopped the clocks to
make it last forever.
If I had only known
that I would never
wake by his side
in the morning again,
I would have taken
the time to write down
every little detail
of his broad silhouette
each and every day,
so that I would
never forget.
I now rely simply
on what my mind has
locked away,
without having taken
the extra time each day,
for special notes
to myself of him.
Notes that could have
been the key to
my sanity during this
dark, lonely time.
If I had only known...
but I didn't,
and now it's much
too late.

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