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The Enemy


Kimberly Hunt

Filling our home is
a dark, silent enemy.
This invader of our hearts
has a name
more wicked than any
ever spoken.
He's here, despite
the fact that so are we.
He has engulfed our lives,
our companionship,
our faith and our love.
And he now waits.
He lingers
and anticipates
our inevitable goodbye.
He has placed
an undeniable separation
between our hearts.
He has broken our bond,
and he waits.
So what are we waiting for?
Is our love to withstand
the ravenous beast?
Or are we both
too afraid to just say
what is destined to be?
He is here,
and we know
that we can't
keep avoiding his presence.
Sooner or later,
we must act and put
finalization to his efforts.
We must say goodbye
to our dream of forever
and let him mark yet
another victory
on the wall of our prison.
Who will be the first
to give in to the
persistent assailant?
When will we just
let loneliness be?

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