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Kimberly Hunt

I wear this smile daily. 
The one that seems so 
free-spirited, easy -- 
as though it is offered gaily. 
If only the people 
that I meet in life 
knew how hard it is 
to make this smile be here. 
If they only knew that 
I don't offer it 
as freely as it may appear. 
If I were to tell them 
that I must force myself 
into alertness each day, 
pressure myself to 
make it to night fall, 
and compel myself to look happy, 
would they look at me differently? 
If I were to tell them that 
this smile takes more work 
than anything else I could do, 
would they actually 
begin to appreciate it? 
Would they look at me 
in a brighter light? 
Or would they just look.... 
As usual.

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