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Kimberly Hunt

The day that I lost you 
is a time that stays fresh 
on my mind, and continues 
to sting my soul. 
The day that I hurt you 
is the day that I will 
always regret until 
the moment that I die. 
It is the day that 
will forever haunt me, 
and never let me rest. 
If I could go back 
and put us together again, 
I would do it in a 
single beat of my heart. 
If I could undo the pain 
that I have caused both of us, 
I would do it in a second. 
But I'm not sure that I can. 
I must now think of a way 
to make it up to you. 
And to regain your trust, 
re-earn your love, 
and revive the us that I remember. 
I will do all that is within 
my own power 
to get us back to where 
we were -- 
to that moment in time. 
To that time when we 
depended on each other, 
prayed for each other -- 
lived for the other. 
I will take us back to 
those days, 
back to that place in time -- 
if you'll let me.

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