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Kimberly Hunt

Whenever I'm with you,
my troubles disappear
as though they never
really existed at all.
You have the power to
make all that is awry
in my life seem so
insignificant and petty.
It's as though no one
else in the world even
matters any more.
You possess the power
to bring a smile to my
face on the gloomiest
of days, and laughter
to my heart when I
think I'll never even
force a smile again.
My world is a better
place to be
because of our undying
love that overflows
with simplicity.
You hold in your hand
the power to make every
trouble disappear without
a trace, you carry the
key to my laughter,
you control the curtain
that unveils my sunset.
Whenever I'm with you,
I forget about my past,
concentrate only on my
bright, perfect present,
and possess the newfound
ability to look into my future
with hope and confidence.
You have done what no other
could ever accomplish...
You have won my heart.
You have bought my soul
with your loving ways.
And you have made
thinking about the days
ahead of me...

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