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Broken Promises


Kimberly Hunt

I told you that I'd love you 
until the day that I die, 
and I will. 
I promised I would be faithful 
to you forever, 
and I meant it. 
I swore to you I would do 
everything within my power 
to make our house a home-- 
one full of love and acceptance, 
and I intended to keep every word. 
I vowed to be with you 
through thick and through thin, 
and those words weren't lies either. 
I do love you, and I believe I always will. 
You are the one who's broken the promises. 
You vowed never to hurt me, 
yet you did at your very first chance. 
You said you'd never leave me, 
and you did as soon as the good 
times got a little bad. 
You hurt me worse than I had 
ever imagined you could. 
Much more than I ever thought 
that you would. 
You broke every promise 
you ever made to me. 
And in the process, 
you broke my heart, 
shattered my dreams, 
and destroyed my faith. 
Not just the faith I had in you, 
but the little I had in me too! 
And now, I don't know who 
is to blame-- 
You, for doing it? 
Or me for letting you? 

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