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Song to Salvador


Keith Robson

Burnished copper dragonflies, with shining ruby eyes
metal petalled flowers grow in opalescent skies,
shrouded in obsidian, to hide the light of day
shadow creatures skim the night in iridescent play.

Giant squid with yellow skin, and tentacles that feel
and dragons that are armoured with shards of stainless steel,
the dark is split with serpent fire, and wings that hide the moon
while the sandman chants a mantra in a soft hypnotic tune.

In pools of lapis lazuli, where crimson catfish leap
denizens of netherworlds come crashing from the deep,
clockwork dogs that snarl and snap with chromium plated teeth
at manganese impala painted silver underneath.

Rainbow speckled spiders on a web of shining lace
angels with corroded wings of convoluted grace,
seas of purple seaweed in the soporific deep
In waking dreams, I never close my eyes before I sleep.

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