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Fireside Lace


Keith Robson

Pungent smells of burning pine
swirling smoke my dreams define,
crackling sparks call out your name
within the heartbeat of their flame.

Outside it snows incessantly
a pristine virgin flowing sea,
that wipes my footprints from the land
with winters unforgiving hand.

The dream catcher you gave to me
to catch the visions that I see,
enchants my soul with thoughts of you
In everything I say and do.

The dark brown eyes that I desire
are burning with such perfect fire,
reflected on the eagles wing
In spirit flame they softly sing.

I feel you lying by my side
on outstretched rugs of fur and hide,
and stroke my hand across your face
In shining golden fireside lace.

And when my visions fade away
I look across to where you lay,
to see your body's imprint there
and smell the perfume of your hair.

Then once again the eagle sleeps
your dream within his heart he keeps,
and as the burning embers die
he knows his time is come to fly.

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