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We Better Wake Up


Kathy L Martin

A tragedy happened on a pleasant September day,
It was a day that would change America forever.
America was under a terrorist attack.
That was something I thought never.

The twin towers came tumbling down
and the Pentagon was hit too
The brave souls on Flight 93 took over
They knew what they had to do.

They took it upon themselves
To save other lives not considering their own
Taking down the hijackers
who threaten their country home.

I once thought when 9/ 11 happened we finally had waken up,
The US was finally beginning to see the picture and was united as one
but it was not even a year later.
The same old mess had begun.

Then the crazy people start coming out
With some Anthrax poison that was new
making people afraid to open their own mail.
Never thought a simple letter could make you sick or kill you.

What about the snipers shooting people one by one
Hiding in trunks and waiting for an innocent person to come around.
It took awhile
But they were finally found.

Then here come the wars
In Afghanistan and later Iraq
Defending our honor
To take the honor they took from us back.

First it was the Hussein boys
Who were taken out in their palace of gold
Later their father was found
Hiding in a tiny hole.

Bin Laden,
Donít think we have forgotten you.
Donít worry, it wont be long
We will find, you too.

The Tsunami in Asia
Nearly destroyed their land.
America stepped right in
To lend a helping hand.

Then her comes lady Katrina
who no one could define
Blowing through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana
Leaving destruction behind

The buildings crumbled
The dams collapse
Flooding a city like New Orleans
The people were trapped.

People who did not leave
Or could not leave were left alone
Pleading for food and water while on a bridge
Or sitting on top of rooftops of their flooded home

America came together once more
To help their fellow man
Opening their hearts and homes
To people in their own land.

As we think about the tragedies
That has happen in the US and on foreign land
Do you know it is God who is in charge
With all power in his mighty hand.

I do not know why we are so surprise about these things
It is written in the bible, it is Godís plan
He wants us to wake up
Before it is too late, do you understand?

We better wake up
God is trying to tell us something
We better wake up
He is letting us know he is soon coming.

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