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The N Word


Kathy L Martin

For far too long

Black people were called the N word

It is the most degrading name,

I have ever heard.

Not only is it used by whites

but sometimes we blacks are guilty all the same

To call our own people this vile word

now that is a shame.

It was a slave word of hate

Used by the Master with their whips and chains

They couldn't think of nothing else to call us,

so they call us out of our names

We were robbed of our freedom

Our dignity stole

We were just that N word

People without a soul.

We were hung with nooses

Beaten until we had scars

We were branded like cattle

With hot iron bars.

Our necks were chained tightly

felt like it could break

The pain was so enduring

Didn't know how much more we could take.

Our children were sold

Our women were raped

The men were castrated

Our feet cut off if we tried to escape

Now in this modern day world

We say the N word without remorse or shame

Forgetting about those who suffered

And called that very name.

The N word is a word

Used every day

It is in our vocabulary

In almost every sentence we say.

We must destroy this word

And bury it like we bury the dead

It should never roll off the tongue of anyone

Or be floating around in our head.

We black people have fought so long and hard

To get the respect we deserve

But how can we get it

If we cannot respect ourselves enough not to use that N word.

Kathy L Martin 2007

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