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Saddam Hussein


Kathy L Martin

I know you are wondering why
I would write a poem about Saddam Hussein
A man so evil
A man who is totally insane.
But I want to remind people
Of the type of man he really is.
A man so full of hate.
A man so wicked
Some people think he was not evil
And he should have stayed in control
The people in his country were afraid of him
They did not know what their future would hold
Some say he was not a threat
To his country or to the world
But what kind of man without remorse
Could kill a little boy or girl.
They say that President Bush lied to go to war
They say his motives were about some oil.
Whether he lied or not is not the point
There was no excuse for Hussein subjecting so much turmoil.
They ask why we had to send our men and women in armed forces
To de thrown a man who had nothing to do with us?
Why are we going in Iraq?
Is getting their oil our only purpose?
They said he had weapons
Weapons of mass destruction
We donít know what he had
They could have been under construction
They even said the President went to war
To finish the job his Dad couldnít do.
But we never should have left in the first place
Until the work was through.
The President gave him many chances
To do what was right
But Saddam chose his way.
So, yeah, we had to go fight
Why worry about the weapons
When people lives were at stake.
He did not care about no one but himself
He proves that with those mass graves.
So many lives lost
So many tears shed.
But if it werenít for our American troops
Those people would not have a place to lay their head.
Saddam Hussein thought he was invincible
He thought he could not be stop
But our brave American soldiers
Found him in a hole trapped like a fox.
His sons thought they had a chance to get away
Before the Americans had come
But their lives where cut very short
From the blast of the bombs.
Saddam Hussein was very wealthy
He had palaces and land.
He ruled his country like Hitler
He was a vile and corrupt man.
So all you Saddam lovers
Who think Saddam should have stayed in power
Just remember September 11, 2001
When men like him took down the Twin Tower.

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