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Our Miracle Boy, Keiland


Kathy L. Martin

Here you are my little miracle boy.
Bringing your mommy and daddy so much joy.
Born a few months too early, you just could not wait.
You decided to make February 5, 2006, your new birth date.
You were born barely weighing a little over a pound.
Your body so small, fragile and your belly round.
You came too soon and we did not anticipate
I tried to carry you, but you didnít want to wait
You were anxious to get here to see this place.
Daddy and me were so happy to see that precious face.
The first time we saw you, you were small and red.
You had a little bit of hair on your tiny head.
The sweet sound of your cry was music to our ears.
We just could not believe that you were here.
Then to NICU you had to go.
A place where you will be nurtured and to grow.
With tubes in your mouth and IVís everywhere, we were in dismay.
It was sad to see you living this way.
But you are still our miracle baby and blessing from above.
You are blessed with so much love.
Every day we thank God for blessing us with a wonderful child
Every time we are with you, you make us smile.
Words are not enough to express how proud we are of this little boy.
A gift from God that brings us so much joy.
Thank you God so much for sending him to Kevin and me.
Keiland, we love you and in our hearts you will always be.

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