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Black Like me


Kathy L. Martin

I am hated for something I cannot change.
For a life I had not planned nor arranged.
I was chosen by God to be the color I am.
But because of that, I am considered damned.
I am looked down upon because of the color of my skin.
People act as though the color of black is a sin.
Although we are often put down or hated,
But that donít stop us from being imitated.
They want to be black like me.
By injecting their faces, their lips, and having all kinds of surgery.
They may lie in the sun to get that natural brown look
But my natural brown skin was giving by God thatís all it took.
We speak with a language that is all our own.
We have our way of saying things in a different tone.
Talk to the hand, the rolling of the eyes, and the movement of the neck
Was started by blacks, now it is an image you are trying to project.
Why you want to be black like me?
A color claimed to be cursed over the course of history.
I am not hatin I should be proud,
but there is nothing wrong with the person you are now
It is an honor that you want to act and sound like me.
But it is best to find your own identity.
Stop pretending to be something that you are not.
You are still You, or maybe you just forgot.

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