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A Special Thank you


Kathy Anne Young

I watched my son the other day as he read a book through all the way. My eyes filled up with tears of joy. Proud tears for my little boy. As he read this tiny tale for the teacher at his school, he sneaked a peek into my eyes, and I told him "You're so cool! "The smile spread across his face as he searched the page to find his place. Then reading each new word just so, his little face was all aglow, so proud of the work that he'd just done, and my tears that said "I love you son!"

So I must not forget today to thank the one who taught him. The lady who was there at school the day that I first brought him. Who rarely gets a thank you or acknowledgment or praise. Who smiles for her "little friends" each and every day. This special lady's always there at school to help them out, and give them all encouragement, even when they pout. To give them hugs and phone their Mom's when things are just not right. On occasion she's been known to even tuck them in at night.

So thank you for the special time you give my son each day. Thank you for always teaching in your very special way. Thank you for telling him "you can do it" when he's thinking he never will. And for making him pay attention when some days he won't sit still. And for opening a world to him, the ability to read. Because of you he'll have a tool, without which he could not succeed.

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