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The Gift Of Life


Kathryn Charak

A young woman tells her husband that it's time to go.
The husband rushes around, moving fast but time goes slow.
The wife waits patiently, and says to go a little quicker,
For the life in her stomach is starting to kick her.

She yells out in pain, and they get into the car,
Close the doors, turn on the wipers, and back out onto the tar.
She's holding onto her stomach, clutching the seat in fear
While her husband tells her not to cry, but he himself sheds a tear.

They're almost to the hospital, two miles down the road,
And to the future place of their baby's temporary home.
They approach the driveway, and he parks the car
He gets out, and helps her down; the hospital isn't far.

They get to the door, stopping once or twice,
When a nurse greets them, friendly and nice.
They tell her what is happening, and she gives them a knowing look,
For she's helped deliver babies, enough to write a book.

She leads them inside, and brings the woman to her bed
The husband waits outside the door, then goes in instead.
The woman screams, and tears come to the father's eyes,
And suddenly another person cries.

The baby is out, and screaming for warmth,
Warm arms to hold him, and clothes on his little body.
They wrap him in a blanket, and hand him to the mother.
She cradles him in his arms looking from one to the other,

The other being her husband, her mate, the one to deal with her strife,
And the one who helped give her son the miracle of life 

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