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I'll Never Get Tired


Kathiravan Kandasamy

The kisses I plant on your cheeks
and my hands around your waist
lying ever so close to you
and seeing the calmness of your face

Sitting on the sofa watching the kids play
taking turns to bathe, seeing you get naked
looking for some peace in the hall
yet wallowing in the ambience you have created

You may get irritated when I hug you
when you are busy cooking or cleaning
I'm sorry I disturbed when you're preoccupied
its how I say in no words of my feelings

Cause, how do you appreciate someone who's the world to you
whom you can't live without and wouldn't want to
and four years is so little, so soon
cause my plans are long term, I have
planned ages with you

And so, I'll never get tired
of the small touch, pecks and the
kisses on your hair
and looking at you sleeping
that you call a 'stare'

And I'll never get tired
of saying 'I love you' every single day
showing I care, in my own funny ways.

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