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Late Bloomer


Katherine Lynn Charland

Maybe, I was always a late bloomer. I don't know why it has taken me so long to get to the place where I've decided to boldly live instead of merely exist. Maybe somewhere between the sleep deprivation of early motherhood, and the cares of life that can so easily entangle us, I lost part of myself. Not entirely, just buried it beneath other obligations. It has been there suffocating just waiting to come out. The funny thing is it is that part of me that I think makes me a better person, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. For example do I really want my kids to only remember me as the one who cooked for them and chauffeured them around? I want them to know me and my passions, my gifts and even my fears.

Today I was in the middle of picking up the house and I stopped and cranked up the music and started dancing around. Well I happened to have an empty trash bag in my hand, which became an impromptu flag. I'm sure it was a sight. However, as my children came in and started dancing with me. I couldn't help but think if the kids could only remember one thing about me for this whole year, I wouldn't mind if it was this moment.

I want to dance every day, and laugh a little louder and sing my own songs, while I have breath. I want to climb more mountains and swim across lakes and teach my kids the value of those accomplishments. I want to celebrate the sunsets and the everyday events that make this day unique never to come again. I want to passionately live the life God gave me and passionately love the family and friends he entrusted to me.

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