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A Loving Vengeance


Kate DeFrank

I hate you, with every bit of love
That streams in my veins, flooding
Into the vital organ of the body,
And soul.

I love you, with every bit of hate
That triggers the neurons of the brain,
Invading the sponge,
Poisoning it
With black ink,
While fading the color
That was once there .

My love and hate, both
leave a grotesque after taste,
The long past before, tasted of honey dew,
Sweet and new.

But, because of the recent yesterday,
It tastes mushy, with its juices draining a way,
So my brain puts its on delay,
For it loves you, with the hate inside
Burning, the tastes buds upon my tongue,
Scaring the memory.

For memory, is part of the black ink,
It is, the main source of poison.
This affects the heart ,
Making it cry out tears of rich blood,
And then the soul
is caught in this everlasting flood!

So there you go;

My love!
My hate!
Both enduring,
Both painfully hopeful.
Each separate,
With a never ending fate!

For I hate you, with every bit of love
And love you with every bit of hate!

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