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The Color of a Soul


Karen {Zulu}

You see the color of my skin, 
Perhaps a bit too fair. 
The golden colored sunshine, 
Reflects yellow in my hair. 

Perhaps it's in my eyes, 
You see the color blue, 
But does this really matter? 
What does it say to you? 

Can you see beyond this shell? 
What meaning can you find? 
When you look at me with anger, 
And decide I'm not your kind? 

What color is my heart? 
Can you hear it's beating chime? 
What color is my Soul? 
Perhaps you'll know in time. 

What color is my Spirit? 
What makes it want to soar, 
Like the magnificent Eagle, 
Or race the raging boar? 

Please tell me if you see it, 
The color of my Soul. 
Then I will also know it, 
And the truth be told. 

I feel like a rainbow, 
Multi-colored hues, 
Tell me which one is it, 
That shows itself to you. 

Don't judge me by what's outside, 
The color of my skin. 
Without looking further, 
To the beauty that lies within. 

Hate has many faces, 
Some old, some young, it's true. 
But the hardest emotion to see, 
The one that lives in you. 

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