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June Bug

I can't help but be afraid of it all,
And I couldn't help but just take the fall,
It was inevitable - it had to happen,
And I kept wondering how most of my life I'd been nappin',
Letting it all pass me by,
Playing it safe because it made me feel secure in life,
But hey, you can't sing the same song forever,
So I'm thinking if I play a new tune, it's now or never,
Cause if I wait any longer I might just die,
Waiting longer than time,
I'm trying to walk a little slower and just see,
Instead of trying to be what everyone else wants to me to be,
Instead of rushing to work everyday,
Worrying about every little thing I say,
I'm on top of the world,
Trying to remember how to be a regular girl,
And now I know it doesn't matter if I'm scared,
Because what I did shows how much I cared,
Not just about me, but about everyone else,
How I pried myself out of that flaming hell,
Took the chance, laid the risk,
Now I know there's nothing I'm gonna miss,
I used to be mechanical, but I'm living it real,
I've stopped trying to hide what I feel,
Because no matter what happens,
At least I'll know I'll mend,
I'm no longer a single rose,
But a field full of sunflowers with nothing to lose.

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