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Jonathan Isenor

I grew up a happy kid
I always did what my parents said
That all changed one day
Now it's time that people read what I have to say
When I was eight I almost died
The next morning I continued to try
I wanted to live my life
Not like I had a half choice

By the age of nine I had to attend court
My emotions at that point I could not sort
I was scared to sit at the stand
The lawyer did demand
The verdict was sad
Inside I felt myself grow mad

It had changed me
For a long time I could no longer be the normal me
Can't anyone see it changed me
For years I was aggressive
The issue was repressive
Everyone thought I was screwed
I thought they were rude
It took me a long time to deal
And realize that everything was real

Now I've moved on
It's been so long
I'm doing something with my life
I no longer have strife
I'm showing everyone up who said I was messed
To them I'm just a pest
It took me two and a half years
And a lot of tears

I got somewhere though
I'm not your average Joe
People were afraid of my success
Some hate the way I dress
This is me
Finally inside I'm free

Don't be mistaken I do pray
Now here I am to stay.

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