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Jonathan Isenor

If there was less violence
Then there would be more peace
If there was no hate in the world
Then there would be more love
If kids would learn to not be so cruel
Then not so many kids would have to attend consoling
If school was fun
Then it wouldn't be school
If life was easy
Then it wouldn't be worth doing
If a person becomes famous
Then his/her family would want all of their money
If a person goes after what they love
Then they'll eventually get it
If you're told you can't achieve your goal
Then you will achieve it
If you have a serious illness
Then you will fight it
If you had a bad childhood
Then you'll remember it
If you lose your best friend
Then you'll need a new one
If the world was a square it wouldn't rotate
Then everything would stop
If there were more responsible fathers
Then there would be less single mothers
If our world was perfect
Then humans wouldn't exist.

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