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Jonathan Isenor

Watched your friend fall to the ground
Blood falling down his face
A guy standing over top of him
He looks at you and smiles as you squirm
You can’t do anything accept watch
As three guys hold you back

When they are finished you run over to your friend
Only to find his lifeless body
A once happy boy
Replaced with a cold-bloody body
But on this day something happened

The gang that had hurt him
Couldn’t get the job done
Their was something deep down that was burning
Something that wouldn’t allow him to die
Something that would keep him alive

As you look own you see
His eyes beginning to flicker
A faint sign of life still lingering in his body
You call for help
But he tells you that he’s okay

With blood dripping down his face
He sits up and looks at you
A far off look in his eyes
As you help him up
He has trouble

Still he pulls himself up to his feet
You find help and watch your friend taken away in the back of an ambulance
You go to the hospital and meet with his family
Everyone’s crying
The family thanks you after you tell them what happened

The doctor comes in and announces that
Your friend has fallen into a coma
You visit him often knowing that one day
Just as he did that night
He would once again define the odds

Months later the doctor calls the family
He tells them that there is no hope for their son
The doctor grabs the plug
But you stop him
Sensing that he’s not ready to go yet

And then you see the flicker in his eyes again
His hand begins to move
And then he sits up
Sending a wave of shock throughout the room
After his family is done hugging him and thanking god for the miracle

You decide to ask a question
"How did you make it through everything?"
He responds with only one sentence
"People can break your body but not your spirit."

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