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Jonathan Isenor

Destroyed inside
Left to rebuild the smoldering ashes of my life
Cannot contemplate the pain
So many emotions all at once
Tears falling down my cheeks

Lying in bed staring at the ceiling
A faint memory enters my mind
Of a long ago time that once was
The memory is immediately pushed aside and then discarded as if it never existed
Other thoughts are then entered into my mind replacing the original
Destroying the possibility of pain or suffering

After closing my eyes
The realization of the truth sets in
Clouding over my present thoughts
Just as my perception once had been
My mind was manipulated
My eyes lied to

Pushed to the edge of a cliff
Until I pushed back
Giving myself some space
To turn my back and walk away
Leaving the past
To start my future

Never thought I'd recover
From the blow that had been dealt
But time has allowed the healing process to start and continue to progress
The pain that once lingered in my heart has passed
No longer do I feel empty inside
No longer do I feel alone

My spirit is no longer dampened by darkness that was brought forth
I am no longer destroyed inside
I have rebuilt.

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