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Jonathan Isenor

The world is illiterate
Hate is a disease that plagues many
Hate only causes suffering
First it starts with fear
The fear becomes anger, which results in hate
This is when the suffering begins

There is no need of any of these
Running away from home
Doesn't mean that the person is messed up
Sometimes you just need some time away
Fate will decide where they live permanently

Humans put down each other
Yet we are the same inside
That person that is put down has two reactions
Either they will become bigger then you in life
Or they'll commit suicide
Think about it

Even the happiest people in the world get sad
It's just the way of life
Some do not believe in God
I thank Him for my gift
Having a talent is great
Make sure you use it

If you are confused about life
Sit down and think
Find what you love to do
Then do it
Life is only so long

It's what you make of it during that time
Don't let small things upset you
You'll be crying for hours
Some people will not help each other
There is no reason better to help someone then the fact they need help

Money is not everything
It does not account for true happiness that occurs in the heart
The human heart holds a lot of courage
It's all how you use it
Life isn't long enough to hold grudges
Think about these facts,
They are all messages.

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