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Jonathan Isenor

Too many questions to ask,
Not enough answers,
Too many ways to turn,
Not enough directions to follow one path,
Too much hurt,
Not enough love to fix it all,

Too much fighting,
Not enough peace,
Too many sins of the past,
Not enough forgiveness,
Too much silence,
Not enough talking,

Too much falling down in life,
Not enough getting up,
Too much selfishness,
Not enough giving,
Too many deaths,
Not enough life,

Too much hate,
Not enough caring,
Too much depression,
Not enough happiness,
Too many problems in the world,
Not enough people trying to find solutions,

Too much sickness,
Not enough cures to help everyone,
Too many irresponsible parents,
Not enough concern for their kids,
Too much betrayal,
Not enough trust,

Too many hospital beds,
Not enough doctors,
Too many people that only talk,
Not enough actually listen,
Too many things come up,
Not enough time to do everything,

Too much seriousness in life,
Not enough time to actually enjoy life,
Too much work to do,
Not enough fun to have,
Too much insecurity,
Not enough to be secure about,

Too many people leave,
Not enough come back,
Too many people hurt,
Not enough try to help,
Too many hurt others,
Not enough people think about it,

Too many people run away,
Not enough places for them to run to,
Too many die unnoticed,
Not enough acknowledged that person when they lived,
Too many lies,
Not enough tell the truth,

Too many parents ignore their child's abilities,
Not enough know how much talent they really have until they become famous,
Too many people kill themselves,
Not enough take time to care about that person,
Too many single mothers,
Not enough responsible fathers out there,

Too many drugs to mess a person up,
Not enough action taken by parents and police to get rid of drugs,
Too many people wasting their lives,
Not enough making something of it,
Too many players,
Not enough good guys,

Too many parents abuse their children,
Not enough places for them to run to,
Too many parents try too hard,
Not enough even know what trying means,
Too many best friends go splits,
Not enough make it through childhood,

Too many keep their feelings bottled up and hurt,
Not enough have someone to talk to,
Too many need to cry,
Not enough have a shoulder to do it on,
Too many people think they're better than others,
Not enough realize where are people,
Too many think they're hero's,
Not enough actually are,
Too many parents put hard rules on their kids,
Not enough realize how that pressures a kid,
Too many parents get divorced,
Not enough sit down and try to work things out,

Too many people fight,
Not enough know when to walk away,
Too many let others down,
Not enough come through on their promises,
Too many parents walk out on their children,
Not enough realize how that rips them apart,

Too many people underestimate the small guy,
Not enough know how strong he really is,
Too many problems,
Not enough solutions.

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