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Jonathan Isenor

At a young age a boy was taken from a small desolate town,
His parents were horrified,
They wanted their son back,
The military had taken him,
They programmed him,

He had no knowledge of who he was,
They erased his mind, he had no memories,
He remembered nothing,
He was a soldier nothing more, nothing less,
Or at least he was trained to be,

Then one night he had a dream about his past life,
He couldn't take it anymore,
He walked out on the military,
He set out on his own personal quest,
He was alone,
He traveled from town to town for years never finding out anything,

He didn't know what to do,
He was searching for himself, his parents, his hometown,
He was searching for answers he could not find, but he kept looking,
Then one day while searching he found a small desolate town,
He entered the town hoping to find something, anything that would connect him to his past,

"Son!" a man yelled out,
A large man appeared from a building and ran over to him,
The man began crying and hugging him,
That's when he realized his search was over,
He had finally found home.

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