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Jonathan Isenor

Everyday the sun rose in the eastern sky,
Beautiful oranges and yellows painted the atmosphere,
Another day of hard work was before Silas,
It was hard work, day in and day out,
One day this all changed,

Soldiers invaded Silas' farm and burned all his crops,
They also took away his shelter by torching that as well,
He was left with nothing; He had lost it all,
Silas feel to his knees crying in the rain,
Everything he had worked for was gone,

That night he slept in a rough heap of rotten soil,
The next day life would go on he decided,
He went to town and bought some seeds,
Then he returned to his land and tried to salvage some of the ground,
He was trying to rebuild, they took it all from him,

But he wasn't going to die out that easy, He kept trying to salvage the land until he passed out,
What he didn't know was that the village people knew of his devastation,
When Silas awoke he noticed that there were a lot of people on his land,
He looked over only to see a shelter built for him and many men trying to salvage the land,
Tears welled up in Silas' tear ducts,

When he asked the village people "Why did you do this?"
A village man answered simply " You don't need a reason to help someone just the fact they need help
is reason enough."
That day what they had taken from Silas was nearly restored,
This was all because of people helping each other.

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