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Finding Yourself


Jonathan Isenor

No one knows why things happen the way they do,
But there's a reason for everything,
It's interesting to see the way things play out in one's life,
We all have the good and bad times,
Happy times and depressing times,
Why question it? We're all here for a purpose.

It's finding that purpose that makes one feel meaningful,
Everyone searches for themselves for a great part of life,
What happens when you find yourself?
Will you truly be happy?
There is no better time to find happiness then right now; stop putting it off.

Friendships come and go quickly,
Sometimes you turn around and there your real best friend is right behind you,
All it takes is a rude awakening for some to see that,
Life is hard; try to have fun.

Parents who hit their children don't realize what they are doing,
They get caught up in the moment,
Just because a child drops out of school doesn't mean they're 'stupid,'
They might need time away that's all,

Friends have fights,
Don't throw away a good friendship over something stupid,
Trust me it's not worth it,
Many people seek acceptance,
It's sad when they don't get it,
It's terrible to see a child run away,
It would be better if the family could work things out,

Drug dealers need to leave kids alone,
They're only screwing up that child's life,
Too many people get addicted to drugs,
Not enough manage to recover,
Too many people give up on their dream,
What they don't realize,
It doesn't matter who you are,
If you are dedicated enough, you can do it,
Anyone can do anything that they set their mind to.

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