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Jonathan Isenor

Money isn't everything
It can't buy happiness
Never give up on what you have your heart set on
It may not be easy
But anybody can do anything
That they set their mind to

If a person needs help
Then there is no reason
To not help them
Just the fact they need help
Is reason enough to help them

Revenge doesn't solve anything
It only leads to more problems
No one is worthless
We're all here to do something
The power of the human spirit is amazing
Many don't understand this

It's the flame that burns deep within each of us
It's the desire to live
Running away does not solve anything
It only breaks up a family
Suicide is not the answer
It is an easy way out of a situation

Drugs kill people
The dealers who sell it don't care
They just want to make a buck
Problems don't leave by tipping the bottle
They leave when you deal with them
Crying is not a sign of weakness
It's a sign of strength

Teasing someone is fun
Until you have to attend their funeral
Abusing someone is not manly
It is pathetic
Showing off
Doesn't prove anything
Fame is not everything
Life has more meaning

Death is to live
To live is to die
It is a sad cycle of life
Love is great
Anyone who tells you different
Has not felt love

Loyalty is in short supply
If you find it cherish it
Don't let a bad fight with your best friend go
Otherwise you'll let them go
These are all just factors
That affects one's life.

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