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Everywhere I Look


Jonathan Isenor

I left because of the fighting
I needed too find peace
With her I feel it
Only now itís changed

Everywhere I look
Anyone will fight
Itís a bad place to be
I came for love not to fight anymore

Itís doesnít matter though
Even if I was to wish on a star
Nothing would change
I left fighting for peace

Only peace is something that I never found
Everywhere I look people want to fight
I donít want to fight anymore
Fighting solves nothing

I donít care anymore
If you want to fight them find someone else
Iím sick of it
Fighting with everyone

Iím done with it all
Itís not right
Itís time to stop being angry
Life is okay, Iím okay

Everywhere I look people want to fight
Iím tired of it
I just want to find the peace that I was looking for.

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