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My Kindred Soul


Jolanta Gradowicz

It’s somewhere in the world - far away.
It floats on oceans, hovers like a bird -
Such reflective, such thoughtful, such different…
It’s astonishingly calm and silent.

I fear for the transformed existence.
Would it manage to go against the wind?
It is too gentle – it must keep balance
To endure everything life can bring…

I miss it, but I let the silence last.
Let it rejoice at the quite new state.
It looks as if it left the hurtful past.
It may achieve its aim – it’s not too late…

It’ll come back to me unexpectedly
To cheer me up - a wonderful wizard.
But I won’t keep it to myself only -
The wanderer belongs to the whole world.

I can't force it to stay here - oh, no!
It's too anxious and unpredictable -
My good, trusted ally; my kindred soul,
My supporter - very kind and helpful.

And I'll be waiting for it - day and night.
My hope will be a lighthouse - a Pole Star -
To make the way easy to follow – bright,
I'm ready to receive it in my heart...

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